UAE Aircraft Manufacturing Sector's Potentials and Challenges

  • Yousif Al Abd

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the developing countries that depends on hydrocarbon products in supporting its economy, where oil activities counted for 49.38 % of its total GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in 2009. Therefore, Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, has a vision where in 2030 the country will decrease its dependency on fossil fuel to 36% and by that having a more stable economy. Through Abu Dhabi strategy and its 2030 vision, a number of new industries have been planned to be entered in order to diversify the economy. Some of the investments are believed to be a very high tech and innovation driven industries, such as the aircraft manufacturing industry. This thesis will look into the underlying dynamic processes of innovation in Abu Dhabi aircraft manufacturing sector. Aircraft manufacturing sector related policy aimed recommendations is this thesis ultimate aim. Recommendations will be issued depebding on main gaps as well as advantages of Abu Dhabi acircraft manufacturing system. Mapping the sectors innovation system will be performed from an Innovation Systems (SI prespictive. Furthermore, the framework lays down a road mapp to analyse innovation systems from different levels such as Regional Level National Level and Sectoral Level This thesis will look into the last two levels of the UAE and Abu Dhabi aircraft manufacturing sectoras they complement each others with the aim of answering the following questions: 1- Who are the main stakeholders of the aircraft manufacturing sector in Abu Dhabi? 2- How did the sector evolved over time and what is the current development tragectory of the sectors SI? 3- What are the needed policies as well as actions for having a successful development for the aircraft manufacturing sector in Abu Dhabi? Semi-structured interviews where the main methodology for data gathering for this thesis which were supported through secondary data. The secondary data helped in creating an abstract undersatnding of five countries NISs (National Inivation Ststems) being; United States, France, Japan, Braziel, and Taiwan. In addition to the five studied countries NISs three (Japan, Brazil, and Taiwan) were furthur looked at, foucusing on their aircraft manufacturing sector. Thesis results revealed a number of systems weakneases. Mainly, weak education and research base in the UAE, scarcity of qualified UAE nationals as a human capital, as well as low financial related institutions which can affect the success of the sector. Based on that, number of recomendatuons were developmed that can overcome such challenges and stimulate the sectors success.
Date of AwardDec 2012
Original languageAmerican English
SupervisorToufic Mezher (Supervisor)


  • Aircraft Separation
  • Potentilleae

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