Trust Requirements Model for Blockchain Systems

  • Hamda H. Al Breiki

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Trust is at the core of any mankind's collaboration over the years. All types of social systems and economic systems evolved with trust. Today, trust in technology is an increasingly important issue with the presence of all the technological advances around us. The recent technological and economic developments introduced a new paradigm shift for trust through blockchain technology. A blockchain is a distributed public ledger of all transactions or digital events that have been executed and shared among network participants and it was first used with Bitcoin. Today blockchain applications go far beyond the scope of cryptocurrencies and the financial sector. This research studied trust in blockchain-based systems and highlights the trust problem in the new generation of blockchain systems. The increased hype around blockchain technology led to rapidly developed blockchain applications to be first in the market, without following proper software engineering methodologies. This research found that defining the right trust requirements for any blockchain system should be the first step toward the development of trustworthy blockchain systems. A trust requirements model for blockchain systems has been developed, along with a trust requirement engineering methodology. Both the methodology and model have been used to define trust requirements for three blockchain case studies from three different application domains which are: cryptocurrencies, IoT data, and explainable AI. After analyzing the results of the case studies, a generalized trust requirements model for blockchain systems has been developed, which is the main contribution for this thesis work. The findings of this research emphasized the importance of incorporating trust right at the beginning of a software development process in the future development of blockchain systems. This research work produced significant contributions in the area of blockchain-oriented software engineering which can be further explored and developed.
Date of AwardMay 2020
Original languageAmerican English
SupervisorDavor Svetinovic (Supervisor)


  • trust
  • blockchain
  • trusted oracle
  • trust requirements
  • quality model
  • requirements engineering.

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