Towards Optimal Energy Utilization of Reverberatory Furnace by Continuous Casting: A Case of a Local Aluminum Industry at Abu Dhabi Municipality

  • Rashid Al Kindi

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The energy efficiency at which aluminum melting furnaces typically operate as well as the high energy cost involved in furnace operation are among but not all that confronts the aluminum industry across the world. To control the combustion system of furnace is therefore interest among many researchers. Different from previous studies, the present study evaluated the case of reverberatory furnace of a local aluminum industry that employed continuous casting in terms of relevant aluminum furnace operations up to energy utilization of furnace based on specific needs. With aim of improving energy efficiency and reducing heat loss in aluminum holding furnaces, the present study attempts to lay a foundation towards optimal energy utilization. Apart from on-site field surveys and data collected subjected to full factorial, different case scenarios on furnace involved different factors such as: a) furnace door opening (% of time); b) holding time (min); c) excess air or oxygen (%); d) flue extraction (%); and e) burner type, after which the behavior effect per response of furnace performance (gross heat KWh) was then analyzed. After an attempt of different scenarios, the results indicated the most important factors that could influence furnace performance included furnace door opening followed by aluminum holding time. Furthermore, thermodynamic analysis validated by on-site measurements performed on reverberatory furnaces with burner type(s) suggested the use of regenerative burners in metal holding furnaces to be questionable. The excessive heat and high temperature produced by this technology may not only degrade the metal properties but could also result in the oxidation of metal surfaces. Nevertheless, this technology could be a useful resource for solid metal furnaces.
Date of AwardMay 2014
Original languageAmerican English
SupervisorMohmaed I. Hassan (Supervisor)


  • Energy Utilization; Local Aluminum Industry; Abu Dhabi Municipality.

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