The US-UAE Security Bilateral Arrangements: Impact on the UAE National Security

  • Mohammed Salah Alshurafa Alhammadi

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The US-UAE security bilateral relations have mutually beneficial implications for both of the countries. The US is able to utilize the arrangements to enhance its influence in the Gulf region. Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks which occurred within the US, the country has been highly proactive in the global initiative to combat the terrorist organizations. It is due to this initiative that the country has sought to enhance its strategic partnerships in the Gulf region, and hence influence the regional political framework. The most significant advantage for the UAE from the security bilateral arrangements with the US, can be identified as the attainment of the latest military technology and the equipment. The country also attained the strategic support from the US intelligence services and the vast US military basis which have been developed in the region. This study has critically analysed the dynamics of the US-UAE security bilateral arrangements, and its impact on the current and the future national security objectives of UAE. Although the UAE has been able to enhance its military capability, due to the arrangements with the US; it has also exposed itself to a high level of national security threat. As a strategic partner of the US, the UAE has to align its regional and the international policies with the US foreign policy. This initiative causes the UAE to be identified as a supporter of the US cause and becomes the target for the anti US forces which exist in the regional and the global perspective. This study has critically analysed the national security implications which are caused for the UAE, in terms of the security bilateral arrangements with the United States of America.
Date of Award2015
Original languageAmerican English


  • US-UAE Security Bilateral Arrangements
  • Impact on the UAE National Security

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