The UAE's Machinery of Government to Counter Terrorism and Extremism

  • Mariam Zaal AlHemeiri

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    This thesis describes the machinery of government at federal and local government levels which focuses on countering terrorism and extremism in the UAE. The core of the thesis is detailed organizational descriptions and system descriptions of counter terrorism and extremism governance for the eight governments of the UAE. This thesis fills literature gaps on operational and public administration knowledge as they relate to the UAE's counter terrorism and extremism governance. The thesis will allow policy makers to identify duplication and gaps in the governance. The key findings this research provides are numerous, this thesis identifies how the UAE's counter terrorism machinery of government across the country's two levels of government operate in countering terrorism and extremism, by identifying a multitude of organizations whose core focus is CT and/or CVE. It was also evident that decision making was centralized at the top level of government both federally and locally, and responsibility trickled down either to autonomous organizations or in certain emirates simply implemented through federal entities. Abu Dhabi and Dubai emerged as having a more complex machinery with organizations dedicated to combating terrorism and extremism through social programs and education, as well as having relationships with international CT programs and committees. Federal and local entities in these emirates had domestic partnerships that shared responsibilities in several CT efforts, such as money laundering. Meanwhile, the remaining emirates had a significantly smaller machinery of government that was more reliant on federal mandates. This may be due to lack of resources in less wealthy emirates, creating a focus on community issues such as welfare and employment rather than the threat of terrorism.
    Date of AwardNov 2021
    Original languageAmerican English


    • Counter Terrorism; Extremism; Governance arrangements; Machinery of Government.

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