The Effects of Soft Power Initiatives on the UAE's Bilateral Relations

  • Mohammad AlBanna

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    This research aims to focus on the effects of soft power initiatives on the UAE bilateral relations, and the nation's global brand positioning. The main concept under consideration is the UAE Soft Power Strategy, as launched by the UAE Government, and the expected outcome from this strategy. The significance of this thesis is in relation to the high amounts of investment towards Soft Power strategies, while there is no actual measure as to whether these investments actually produce a high return on investment and achieve the pursued outcomes by government officials. Accordingly, this thesis will seek to identify the return on investment on the multiple initiatives launched under the umbrella of the soft power strategy and will evaluate whether it has increased the UAE's bilateral relations. In doing so, the thesis will provide the first in-depth analysis and description of the UAE's Soft Power Strategy, as created, implemented and changed over time. In addition, the main research objective of this thesis is to determine the relationship between the application of soft power and increased bilateral relations with different states. Accordingly, the research question asks, 'To what extent does the UAE's application of soft power initiatives contribute to and generate improved bilateral relations with targeted states?' The explanatory nature of the research question will test the relation between the UAE's application of soft power initiatives, and the improved bilateral relations with targeted states (Which will be identified within the study). Furthermore, based on the literature review gathered and analyzed, the study will test the main hypothesis: 'The UAE's application of soft power initiatives directly contributes to and generates improved bilateral relations with targeted states.'
    Date of AwardDec 2020
    Original languageAmerican English


    • UAE
    • soft power
    • bilateral relations
    • measure of effectiveness
    • international security
    • regional security

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