Testing the Feasibility of a Collaborative GCC DNA Database Portal to Assist in Countering Terrorism

  • Ahmed Zayed

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Ahmed Mohamed Abdullah Zayed, 'Testing the Feasibility of a Collaborative GCC DNA Database Portal to Assist in Countering Terrorism', M.A. Thesis, M. A. in International and Civil Security, Institute of International and Civil Security, Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research, United Arab Emirates, November 2016. This thesis examines the potential of developing a collaborative DNA database portal between Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to counter terrorism. It can also be used to counter crime in general as well assist in natural disasters. The thesis discusses the pros and cons of the proposed portal. The proposed portal is a software portal that allows DNA profiles to be exchanged among GCC countries in a secured way without the use of personal information being disclosed. The aim of this portal is to protect the privacy of each country's data by not releasing individual's personal information. It shall only assist people in charge in the identification of individuals through agreements of DNA information sharing among GCC countries. The research question this thesis answers is - Under what conditions would a collaborative DNA portal among GCC countries be feasible? This is an important question because the region is witnessing more terrorist threats in recent years and political problems that increased the threat of attacks in the region, such as the conflict in Yemen. A collaborative DNA portal will help in identifying attackers and victims of terrorism. Building on both the literature on collaborative portals and policing DNA experience, the methodology used to answer this question involved in-depth interviews with UAE experts in the field of DNA and international relations, plus surveys of all the head of DNA laboratories in the UAE. II The thesis finds that portal is feasible and can be executed safely to help exchange of information through a DNA profile under the following conditions: 1) Mutual agreements exist between each of the GCC countries for data exchange 2) Agreement is reached on who will take the lead in establishing and operating the portal on behalf of all GCC countries 3) The costs of establishing and operating the portal are agreed upon. 4) The GCC countries agree on one IT security infrastructure to accommodate the portal.
Date of AwardNov 2016
Original languageAmerican English
SupervisorAthol Yates (Supervisor)


  • DNA forensic database
  • counter terrorism.

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