Techno-Economic Evaluation of an Advanced Solid Sorbent-based CO2 Post Combustion Capture Process for Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plants

  • Adel Ahmed Seif El Nasr

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The following provides a techno-economic evaluation of a novel post combustion solid-sorbent, adsorption based, continuous CO2 capture process as applied to a natural gas combined cycle power plant flue gas. It is benchmarked against the conventional MEA capture process for the same type of flue gas. The techno-economic evaluation of the process shows that the total project cost for the novel process is roughly $173,395,503 as compared to the MEA process having a project cost of $221,576,135. The costs of CO2 capture are $69.82 and $65.38 per tonne CO2 for the novel process and the MEA case. The percentage decrease in the power plant efficiencies as a result of implementing the processes are 8% and 6.3%. Finally, the COE for the MEA process is $85.0/MWh and $82.6/MWh which represents a saving of almost $2.4/MWh if the novel process is selected as a replacement for the MEA process.
Date of Award2013
Original languageAmerican English
SupervisorMohammad Abu Zahra (Supervisor)


  • Solid Sorbent-Based CO2 Post; Techno-Economic Evaluation; Post Combustion Capture; Fluidized-bed Combustion; Energy Conversion.

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