Space Weather Risk on the UAE

  • Alya Alhazami

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    Space weather studies, the field of space sciences that studies the influence of the Sun on Earth's space environment and the technological and social impacts of their interaction, is becoming increasingly important in modern day, due to our high dependance on technology. Other than its obvious impact on space, space weather poses a great threat to the terrestrial critical infrastructure. This is because of its impact on satellites which is needed for terrestrial global communication, navigation and trade, as well as electromagnetic impacts on power girds, transportation disruptions and communication and radar disruptions among other issues. Some countries have recognized that mitigation measures need to be made to minimize the impact of space weather on nations. There is no consolidated public information within the UAE on the level of recognition of space weather as a threat and the level of mitigation. As such, this research aims to explore the risk of space weather on the UAE's critical infrastructure, economy, Armed Forces and society over the next five years by developing a risk assessment for the UAE on space weather through mapping out the likelihood, consequences and existing as well as future mitigation efforts. The methodology for this thesis will follow a mixed-methods approach of qualitative research as well as individuals interviews along with hosting general workshops. The research has found that the risk of space weather on the national risk register is somewhere in an area between medium to very high risk of 2-3 likelihood with an impact of 3-4.
    Date of AwardNov 2021
    Original languageAmerican English


    • Space Weather; UAE; Risk; Security; Critical Infrastructure.

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