Securing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) in smart grid using intrusion detection system (IDS)

  • Mustafa Amir Faisal

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is an imperative component of smart grid, as it is responsible for collecting, measuring, analyzing energy usage data, and transmitting these data to the data concentrator and then to a central system in the utility side. Therefore, the security of AMI is one of the most concerning issues in smart grid implementation. In this research, we propose an intrusion detection system (IDS) architecture for AMI which will act as a complimentary with other security measures. This IDS architecture consists of three local IDSs placed in smart meters, data concentrators, and central system (AMI head end). For detecting anomaly, we use stream data mining approach on public KDDCUP 1999 data set for each three components in AMI. Seven stream mining classifiers are studied and their feasibility is analyzed for these components. From our result and analysis, stream data mining techniques show promising potential for solving security issues in AMI. Moreover, possible required characteristics of algorithms are identified for these components for future research.
Date of Award2012
Original languageAmerican English
SupervisorU Zeyar Aung (Supervisor)


  • Intrusion detection systems (Computer security)
  • Infrastructure (Economics)

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