Secure Storage Architecture for Cloud Computing

  • Sameera Abdulrahman Almulla

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The rapid development of technology has resulted in an increase in the need for computing assets and many organizations are moving in the direction of outsourcing their storage and computing needs. This new trend of outsourcing resources and processes has been called 'Cloud Computing'. Gartner .Inc, describes information technology based on the hype cycle. It characterizes the over-enthusiasm and then disappointment which results after the introduction of new technology. The main advantage of the hype cycle is to show how and when such technology can be widely accepted. Gartner .Inc identifies cloud computing at the peak of the inflated expectations phase of the hype cycle. Based on the Hype Cycle Special Report of 2009 [1], it describes how cloud computing within two to five years will be widely accepted and stable. There are two main categories of cloud infrastructure: Private cloud, where the infrastructure and information will be under the organization control, and public cloud, where the infrastructure and information will be under the Cloud Service Provider's (CSPs) control, both of which provide dynamic and scalable storage. Security is the biggest concern for the cloud computing service users. The challenge is to provide security for data stored in public cloud, where users have reduced control of their own information. In this thesis, we are going to propose a security model for customers to ensure that their data is secured by deploying both symmetric and asymmetric encryption techniques and proper authentication protocols in an environment that allows for lawful interception.
Date of AwardSep 2010
Original languageAmerican English
SupervisorChan Yeun (Supervisor)


  • Cloud Computing; Information Technology; Cloud Infrastructure; Security Model; Security.

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