Predicting Accessibility: A Hierarchical Additive Approach

  • Anoud Al-Qahtani

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Many scholars have highlighted the importance of integrating transportation with land use planning to achieve the goal of sustainable cities. This integrated framework can be accented by measuring accessibility. As transportation plays an essential role in forming a sustainable city, Masdar City is planned to provide several transit modes within its boundaries. This study investigated the accessibility within Masdar City to various land use and transit destinations using an innovative additive approach that integrated land-use and transportation components based on the current master plan of the city. Location based measure was used to evaluate the accessibility. Two main approaches used to measure the accessibility in Masdar city are the Spatial Analysis and the Time Based Approach. An additive approach that combined both the spatial and time-based approach was used to evaluate the accessibility. For the public transit analysis, the result shows that 57% of Masdar City has Low Accessibility to the regional metro station. Only 4% of the city has High Accessibility and 20% has Medium accessibility. The result of the average accessibility to all Land use Facilities in Masdar city reveals that 57% of City has low accessibility to all Land use Facilities. Moreover, 30% of these facilities have a medium accessibility and 13% has Poor Accessibility. In general, the majority of Masdar City has Low accessibility to both regional metro station and to the various land uses. We identified and hence recommend removing the redundant public transit service/infrastructure to reduce total travel time and improve the accessibility. The land uses in the city are still segregated hence an approach to improve the land use mix that is accessible should be considered. Future research can consider using network walking distance to various destinations including the closest public transit stop and various land uses. Finally, to achieve the trade-off between the quality of transit services and the transit stops accessibility; we recommend using optimization models in future studies.
Date of AwardMay 2017
Original languageAmerican English
SupervisorPraveen Maghelal (Supervisor)


  • Urban Planning
  • Transportation
  • Masdar City
  • Accessibility Public Transport.

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