PIV and LDV Measurements in Turbulent Air-Water Swirling Flow in a Pipe with a Circular Disc

  • Ayesha M. AlMheiri

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The turbulent swirling water flow of Reynolds number (Re) of 14,450 and 19.450 for single-phase and two-phase respectively are studied experimentally using LDV and Stereo-PIV with a closed recirculating system of a pipe of 0.6 m height and 0.041 m in diameter. A bluff body of a circular disk is placed at outlet of the pipe. The data of instantaneous velocity, and the mean velocity components in the axial, tangential and radial direction are collected. The results show a symmetric mean axial velocity profile with minimum values around the centerline due to the reverse flow, which is decreasing as the flow develops along the pipe. The mean tangential velocity exhibits a Rankine-vortex distribution and reaches its maximum around half of the pipe's radius. As the flow approaches the disk, the flow reaches stagnation and a complex flow pattern of vortices is formed. The PIV results are contrasted with LDV measurements of mean axial and tangential velocity. Good agreement is shown over the mean velocity profiles and some discrepancy exists with the R.M.S components of the velocities.
Date of AwardMar 2020
Original languageAmerican English


  • swirling flow
  • turbulent
  • bluff body
  • PIV
  • LDV
  • axial velocity
  • tangential velocity
  • rms velocity.

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