Optimum Management of Mobile Energy Resources in Interconnected Microgrids

  • Asma Saeed Al bahjary

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Unlike fixed energy resources, mobile energy resources have the flexibility of traveling between distribution network buses to provide copious local services. These mobile units include renewable mobile energy resources, mobile energy storage systems, electric vehicles, mobile energy generators, etc. This work used one type of mobile energy resource which is the mobile energy storage system mounted on the truck. Mobile energy storage units provide services in the distribution network including reactive power support, peak shaving, load shifting, renewable energy integration, balancing the demand and supply, etc. By all means, the existence of mobile energy storage systems will enforce changes to the operational paradigm in the distribution network, unlike the stationary energy storage units that have permanent infrastructure and design. These resources have the capability of harnessing their mobility in order to serve the distribution network during normal and abnormal operations increasing the system's efficiency, reliability, and resilience. Ergo, this thesis proposed a mixed-integer non-linear programming model for day-ahead optimal scheduling of mobile energy storage systems in interconnected and autonomous microgrids. The optimization model has been solved using GAMS software. The proposed model provided efficient scheduling of mobile energy storage units with the presence of renewable energy resources and dispatchable distributed generators in interconnected microgrids. A comparison was provided between fixed storage units and mobile units considering five case studies. The mobile energy resources show a reduction in the operation cost mostly resulting from a decrease in the power curtailment cost of the wind. The algorithm was implemented on a standard IEEE 33 bus system.
Date of AwardJul 2022
Original languageAmerican English


  • Mobile energy storage systems
  • PV unit
  • WT unit
  • dispatchable generators
  • interconnected microgrids
  • normal operation
  • renewable energy resources.

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