Modeling and Evaluation of Supplier Selection for Green Supply Chain using MCDA Techniques

  • Maha Taha Abdulla Alshamry Alajami

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    Purpose ─ The thesis purpose is to recommend a system for choosing the optimal suppliers for paint products in the UAE construction industries using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) technique. In addition, the aim is to implement sensitivity analysis to verify the effectiveness and efficiency of the methodology. Methodology ─ A general framework is performed to implement the model. The critical part of the framework is first to identify the criteria based on literature, subject matter experts, and present job knowledge. Second, perform a criteria pairwise comparison survey via experts and use the resulted data to rank the key criteria and sub criteria with the AHP method in Expert ChoiceTM software. Third, evaluate and rank the suppliers using the expert's comparison of the alternatives based on the sub criteria. Finally, deliver the model validation using sensitivity analysis. Findings ─ Supplier A and Supplier B are the two highest-ranking suppliers with a weight of 0.398 and 0.267. As a result, the company may select those two suppliers. Sensitivity analysis demonstrates the impact on the suppliers' weights and ranking, when changing the weights of the main criteria and the sub criteria based on the target. Practical Implications ─ The research contributes to supplier selection problem for paint product used in construction industry in the context of UAE. The proposed model offers green criteria for the supplier selection. Managers' will be more confident and their efforts will be reduced when performing the evaluation of suppliers and deciding the best suppliers by using the implemented model. Originality/value ─ The general criteria provide a list of criteria that enables the decision makers to select from for supplier evaluation and selection. The demonstrated general framework can aid managers in making sure the judgement is consistent and provides guidelines for managers to select the optimal suppliers based on various factors.
    Date of AwardMay 2021
    Original languageAmerican English
    SupervisorRaja Jayaraman (Supervisor)


    • Supplier Selection Process
    • Green Criteria
    • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
    • Construction Industry
    • Paint Product
    • Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)
    • Sensitivity Analysis.

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