Micro-Lectures in Cyber Security Awareness and Behavioral Change

  • Sara Al Derei

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


With the growing number of devices and their users connected to the internet and a corresponding jump in cyberattacks and crime, the need for securing privacy and information has increased. This situation has created numerous challenges for organizations and individuals. Cyber safety, or the safe and secure use of cyberspace is the first line of defense against hacks, malware and other forms of cyberattack. The research for this M.A. thesis, therefore, attempts answer questions related to the relationship between micro-lectures (micro-learning) and behavioral changes in risky cyber behavior. This research is relevant and important given that the leadership of the UAE is keen to raise cyber awareness across the nation in order to mitigate multiple cyber-based threats. By surveying and offering micro-lectures in cyber safety to undergraduate students in the Department of Engineering at KU, the researcher was able to measure and monitor any changes exhibited by the students vis-à-vis their behavior in cyberspace prior to and after the given micro- lectures in cyber safety. The results demonstrated a small but significant behavioral change in three out of five cyber behaviors, arguably demonstrating the efficacy of micro-lectures not only in cyber safety but possibly in other critical fields.
Date of AwardMay 2019
Original languageAmerican English


  • cyber safety
  • micro-learning
  • cyber
  • behavioral change
  • micro-lectures

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