Low Cost Fetal Phonogram For Monitoring Foetal Well Being

  • Emad Ibrahim

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This report describes the work designed, implemented, and tested for my MSc thesis entitled 'Low Cost Fetal Phonogram For Monitoring Foetal Well Being'. The aim of the thesis is to develop a low cost monitoring system for pregnant women and their beloved unborn babies. This will be by using a Blind Source Separation algorithm to recover the mother's heart beats, baby's heart sounds, mother's breathing and possible signs of baby movement or noise. The algorithm will be applied on four signals recorded using a developed device carrying four piezo sensors placed 16cm apart on the maternal abdomen. The goal is to extract information regarding foetal well-being to help in monitoring the health of both the mother and the baby, and take action if needed in case of emergencies. The report is split into two major parts. In the first part, we start by developing a 3D printed device and a hardware set to be integrated and finally produce a fully functioning prototype. The device carries four sound transducers, to record vibrations coming from inside the maternal abdomen. The second part focuses on developing an algorithm to help in decomposing or separating the mixtures of data collected from the sensors. The report is divided into four chapters. The first chapter introduces the thesis by stating the motivation to be followed by the problem statement describing the problem in details. Then, a literature summary on related topics is discussed to finally agree on the system requirements. The second chapter focuses on the hardware development and integration where a step by step procedure is explained; such as, 3D modeling and printing, sensors assembly, cables connection and testing. We finalize our contribution in the thesis by giving a general analysis on signal processing algorithms that we have tested to finally propose our solution to the thesis problem aided with illustrating figures and practical results. The last chapter concludes the thesis by giving important remarks and future work to be done.
Date of AwardDec 2016
Original languageAmerican English
SupervisorAhsan Habib Khandoker (Supervisor)


  • Monitoring System; Signal Processing; Phonogram Signals; Foetal Well Being.

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