Lightweight Encryption for Smart Homes

  • Sanaah Al Salami

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Smart home is one of the most popular Internet of Things (IoT) applications, which connects a wide variety of objects and home appliances in a single logical network. Smart home applications are benefted from interactions and data transmissions among different devices over the integrated network with or without human interventions. However, like other technologies, smart home likely introduces new security vulnerabilities due to its dynamic and open nature of networking with heterogeneous features. Among other vulnerabilities, the breach of confidentiality needs to be addressed urgently as the data exchanged among smart home devices can potentially contain critical and sensitive information that may compromise the user's privacy and safety. However, some of the challenges in providing smart home system with confidentiality service are that exibility of key management and effciency of computation and communication should be attained as many small and resource constrained devices are usually involved in smart home systems.The research work presented in this thesis addresses these challenges by proposing a lightweight encryption scheme for smart homes. This scheme provide users and smart objects with confedentiality service without incurring much cost of computation and communication through optimization. It also supports exible public key management through adopting identity-based encryption, which does not require complex certiticate handling. Moreover, this thesis provide a formal security analysis of the scheme and a simulation result based on the implementation of it. The implemented scheme provides secure communication between smartphone or other devices and smart home sensors or objects. This scheme is based on a Client-Server model using Java language with the use of Jpair library. The other part of the simulation is based on a Web Application using JSP and Servlet to simulate the user experience of the scheme. The simulation shows that the scheme provides favorable level of effciency in computation and communication. Indexing Terms: Smart Home; Internet of Things; Security; Identity-Based Encryption; Lightweight Encryption;
Date of AwardJun 2016
Original languageAmerican English
SupervisorJoonsange Baek (Supervisor)


  • Smart Home; Internet of Things; Security; Identity-Based Encryption; Lightweight Encryption.

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