External corrosion and leakage detection of oil and gas pipeline using FBG fiber optics and a trigger

  • Yaomou Ge

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Oil and gas pipelines play a critical role in delivering the energy resources from producing fields to power communities around the world. However, there are many threats to pipeline integrity, which may lead to significant incidents, causing safety, environmental and economic problems. Corrosion has been a big threat to oil and gas pipelines for a long time, which has attributed to approximately 18% of the significant incidents in oil and gas pipelines. In addition, external corrosion of pipelines accounts for a significant portion (more than 25%) of pipeline failure. External corrosion detection is the research area of this thesis. In this thesis, a review of existing corrosion detection or monitoring methods is presented, and optical fiber sensors show a great promise in corrosion detection of oil and gas pipelines. Several scenarios of optical fiber corrosion sensors are discussed, and two of them are selected for future research. A new corrosion and leakage detection sensor, consisting of a custom designed trigger and a FBG optical fiber, will be presented. This new device has been experimentally tested and it shows great promise.
Date of Award2015
Original languageAmerican English
SupervisorNader Vahdati (Supervisor)


  • Applied sciences
  • Corrosion sensor
  • External corrosion
  • Oil and gas pipelines
  • Optical fiber
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Energy
  • Materials science
  • 0794:Materials science
  • 0548:Mechanical engineering
  • 0791:Energy

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