Evaluating the expectations of the United Arab Emirates and Israel on the Abraham Accords

  • Ahmed Juma Aldhaheri

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    The Abraham Accords, signed in 2020, is an agreement that brings together Israel, UAE, and Bahrain to build confidence and trust among all parties and thereafter attempt to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict. The Accords differ from earlier peace agreements between Arab states and Israel because the agreements between these states were fresh and the situation in the Middle East was volatile and the Abraham Accords promises a warm peace. This qualitative study collects data from experts acquainted with foreign policy in the UAE and Israel to understand and evaluate the Accords based on economic, political, strategic, and people-to people dimensions. The assumption is that an alignment between expectations and outcomes of the Accords will lend increased legitimacy to the Israeli and Emirati governments' and enhance the sustainability of relations between both societies, thereby paving the way in future for a resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
    Date of AwardDec 2021
    Original languageAmerican English


    • Abraham Accords
    • United Arab Emirates
    • Israel
    • warm peace
    • people-to people contact.

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