Enhanced Stability Approach for Interconnecting Multiple Microgrids Based on Dynamic Mode Decomposition

  • Youssef Ibrahim Badran

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Microgrids are expected to be the future of energy supply. This is because they are seen as a real solution for the high integration of renewable energy sources and for the electrification of remote areas. Although the control design in islanded microgrids should guarantee power balance and stable operation, there are some reasons why a microgrid may need support from a neighboring one such as uncertainty in renewable energy sources (RES) or load supplied. As a result of the low inertia, studying the stability of interconnected microgrids is crucial. Nevertheless, most of the work in the literature focuses only on small signal stability. To overcome this issue and to provide a tool that is able to assess both small signal and transient stability, dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) is introduced in this work. The proposed method allows tracking system status before, during and post interconnection through estimating system dominant mode online. Different configurations of ac microgrids with different ratings and inertias are modeled to act as a study system to demonstrate the merits of the proposed stability assessment method. A supervisory controller for stable microgrids interconnection based on DMD accurate eigenvalue estimation is proposed. The main advantage of the proposed method compared to the proposed in the literature is being a method for dynamic analysis that covers both transient and small signal stability. It is also more suitable for dealing with higher order systems as it eliminates the need for the complex computations required to construct a small signal linearized model. The results obtained for interconnecting microgrids, and applying the proposed supervisory controller will be discussed to show the superior performance of the controller and the DMD method.
Date of AwardMay 2022
Original languageAmerican English


  • AC Microgrids Stability
  • Dynamic Mode Decomposition (DMD)
  • Eigenvalue Estimation
  • Multiple Microgrids (MMG) Interconnection.

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