Engineering Systems Modeling and Analysis for the Energy-Water Nexus

  • William Naggaga Lubega

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Electric power is required to produce, treat, distribute, and recycle water while water is required to generate and consume electricity. In light of this energy-water nexus, the primary goal of this thesis is to develop an integrated engineering model of the electricity, engineered water and wastewater systems that can support integrated planning and control applications. This effort proceeds in three parts. Firstly a relevant reference system architecture is delineated. Secondly, this architecture is used as a basis for the development of an engineering model using the bond graph modeling methodology. Thirdly, the Jacobian of the developed model is derived and applied as a sensitivity analysis tool. In additon to the primary goal, this thesis also presents a formulation for unit commitment in an integrated electricity and water market, as well as a discussion of opportunities for enhanced integration of electricity and water management in countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council. The thesis is a compilation of one accepted journal publication and five accepted conference publications, as well as three further journal papers that have been submitted for consideration.
Date of AwardMay 2014
Original languageAmerican English
SupervisorAmro M. Farid (Supervisor)


  • Energy-Water Nexus; Power systems; Wastewater; Bond Graph Modeling.

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