Digital Forensic Investigation Framework on Commercial Drones

  • Yaqoob Alshamsi

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Digital forensics is a new and broad terminology that classifies technology in terms of inspection and investigation guidelines. However, emerging new technologies have not been given their share of guidelines when it comes to forensics due to technology integration, which made recent guideline updates essential. For example, limiting known digital forensic instructions on phones may not be authentic when it comes to drone forensic if the same phone was used as a controller. The framework serves as a solution to incidents related to many recent drone violations that occur at 'no-fly zone' areas, which are close to airports and military camps where drone flights are unpermitted. However, by using tools provided within the Khalifa University Cyber-Physical Systems, a flight path of a drone with GPS failure will be developed internally, which depends on other navigation sensors, by using a mathematically generated model through MATLAB & Simulink. The thesis seeks to be a guideline to digital forensic investigation used as evidence with the courts of law.
Date of AwardMay 2020
Original languageAmerican English


  • Digital
  • Forensics
  • drones
  • framework
  • guidelines
  • IMU
  • Euler.

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