Continuous Monitoring of Cloud Application Non-Functional Properties

  • Latifa Alketbi

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Cloud computing is one of the most recent technologies that all clients and companies show a critical need. This need comes from the idea of saving time, money, and resources of building base infrastructure to fulfill business objectives. Thus, cloud computing service providers compete for each other to provide the best service to the clients. However, this new technology comes with challenges and obstacles. One of the big issues related to cloud computing is security matters. Cloud computing well known to be weak on the security side and need hard work from the service provider to deal and solve such issues. One of the essential methods to handle any problem is to address it before it becomes a real threat for the client. Thus, monitoring comes on the picture. Cloud computing monitoring can reduce the risks related to security weaknesses on the cloud-based infrastructure. There are types of cloud monitoring such as passive monitoring and active monitoring. These types depend on the service providers' method of monitoring that they provide to their clients. Moon Cloud is a technological solution for monitoring the level of compliance and assurance in companies that own cloud, IoT, and relevant information technology applications or infrastructures. They provide online monitoring for all cloud infrastructures to reduce the security threats. In this thesis work, we use the Moon Cloud console to perform a continuous monitoring for our VMs security non-functional properties and view the results on a meaningful dashboard. The method of applying continuous monitoring methods we use here is through creating probes that collect the needed information and send it back to Moon Cloud console then display the results on the dashboard.
Date of AwardDec 2018
Original languageAmerican English


  • Cloud Computing
  • Moon Cloud Console
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Non-Functional Properties
  • Virtual Machine
  • Probe.

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