Circumventing a Chokepoint: To What Extent can Fujairah Contribute towards the UAE's Export Security in Oil and Gas?

  • Mohamed Al Zanki

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    Since emerging as a significant oil exporter in the second half of the twentieth century, the UAE's economic prosperity has relied on the interrupted export of oil through the Strait of Hormuz. The possible closure or threatened closure of this waterway through hostile action therefore presents a critical vulnerability to the UAE. Alongside efforts to make the country less dependent on oil revenues, the UAE has also embarked on an ambitious plan to partially circumvent the Strait of Hormuz for its hydrocarbon by establishing the emirate of Fujairah as an alternative storage and export terminal. This study explores the extent to which Fujairah can provide a credible mitigation strategy in the event of hostile action in the Strait of Hormuz. Furthermore, this study also asks whether there any other viable options available to the UAE and evaluates why these have not been pursued. In order to shed analytical light on this matter of critical national importance for the UAE, this thesis provides a scenario-led evaluation, weighing current threats to the Strait of Hormuz against possible solutions to mitigate this risk.
    Date of AwardDec 2017
    Original languageAmerican English
    SupervisorAshley Rossiter (Supervisor)


    • Energy Security
    • UAE
    • Iranian Threat
    • Risk Mitigation

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