Blockchain-enabled Management for Healthcare Waste Reduction and Donations

  • Diana Jawad Hawashin

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    Medical donations such as blood and organs save lives of many patients around the world. Therefore, its management is very important and affects the donors, organizers, doctors, and patients. Unfortunately, the current donation systems fall short of having secure management that preserves patient information, traces donated units and secures priority on waiting lists. Furthermore, according to the high demand and massive production of medical supplies and milk packs, two types of waste have been generated: overproduction and underconsumption. Therefore, medical waste has become a major challenge to conserve the environment, resources, time, and money. Today's systems do not provide a waste assessment and accountability to capture which entity is responsible for the generated waste. In this thesis, we propose blockchain-based solutions for blood donation management, organ donation and transplantation, medical supplies waste reduction, and milk waste reduction. First, to provide secure and trusted access to the donated blood origin, donor information, and patient records. In addition, to ensure accountability for medical errors that occur throughout the blood transfusions process. Second, to provide a secure auto-matching process and traceability for any donated organ where its origin can be identified. Besides, to manage waiting lists and donor information. Third, to reduce and evaluate the medical supplies waste. Fourth, to mitigate and assess the milk waste. For all solutions, we illustrate our proposed system architecture, layout and implement algorithms, deploy and test Ethereum smart contracts, and discuss our approach in terms of security and generalization.
    Date of AwardMay 2022
    Original languageAmerican English


    • Blockchain
    • Blood Donation Management
    • Data provenance
    • Donated Organs Auto-matching
    • Ethereum
    • Healthcare
    • Medical supplies Waste
    • Milk Waste
    • Smart Contracts.

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