Blockchain-based Proof of Delivery and Authenticity of Physical and Digital Assets

  • Haya R. Hasan

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    Blockchain is an emerging technology that has a vast range of applications. In this thesis, blockchain is utilized with its powerful capabilities in solving three main aspects, to (1) implement a Proof of Delivery (PoD) system for physical assets, (2) create a PoD system for digital assets, and (3) develop a Proof of Authenticity (PoA) solution for digital assets. With the widespread of Ecommerce, the need of a trusted system to ensure the delivery of traded items is crucial. Current PoD systems lack transparency, traceability and credibility. These systems are mostly centralized and rely on trusted third parties (TTPs) to complete the delivery between sellers and buyers. TTPs can be costly, a single point of failure, and subject to hacking, privacy evasion and compromise. Blockchain is an immutable, trusted, decentralized ledger with logs and events that can be used for transparency, traceability, and tracking. In this thesis, we present different solutions and general frameworks using the popular permissionless Ethereum blockchain to create a trusted, decentralized PoD and PoA system that ensures accountability, auditability, and integrity. One of the solutions uses Ethereum smart contracts to prove the delivery of a shipped item between a seller and a buyer irrespective of the number of intermediate transporters needed. Secondly, we also present a solution that provides the proof of delivery of a digital asset in a decentralized manner. In our proposed solutions, all participating entities are incentivized to act honestly by using a double deposit collateral. Automated payment in Ether is an integral part of the solution to ensure that every entity gets its intended share of Ether upon a successful transaction. An arbitration mechanism is also incorporated if dispute arises during the process. Furthermore, this thesis proposes a blockchain-based Proof of Authenticity (PoA) of digital assets which can be used a to combat fake digital content by utilizing on-chain provenance data for traceability as well as other off-chain resources that will help a user to built an accurate profile of the creator of the digital content. In this thesis, we show how we implemented, verified and tested the proper functionality of our PoD solutions as well as proof of originality and authenticity solution. We also provide security analysis and give estimates of the cost consumption in Ether gas. We made the full code of the Ethereum smart contracts publicly available at Github.
    Date of AwardOct 2018
    Original languageAmerican English
    SupervisorKhaled Salah (Supervisor)


    • Proof of Delivery
    • Proof of Authenticity
    • Ethereum
    • Blockchain
    • Trust
    • Traceability
    • Smart Contracts.

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