An Initial Framework of Enhanced Blockchain-Enabled Secure Management System for UAVs

  • Noura Omran Al-Nuaimi

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Recently, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been getting attention from researchers in both academic and industrial sectors due to growing demands for various potential applications they can support. The potential sectors include medical, military, surveillance, transportation, and supply-chain management. As a network of UAVs grows, new security and safety risks arise, and addressing its vulnerabilities becomes more challenging to control and manage. Those security risks may result from attacks such as eavesdropping, modification, accessing restricted zone, and various aspects of public safety. Most research works in recent years focus on confidentiality and implementing different cryptographic techniques to secure the UAV network. This thesis has adopted a blockchain-enabled UAV network to enhance the network and provide security services such as transparency and immutability. However, some unique challenges can be introduced with the employment of the blockchain technology, such as limitations on storage capacity and computational power. The main objective of this thesis is to design a framework for a blockchain-based UAV network that will ensure the safety of flight operations of UAVs and enforce compliances with flight policies and regulations. Embedded transparency and immutability of the blockchain will be a solid and stable basis that can help protect the system against attacks such as non-repudiation and modifications. By utilizing the decentralized app (DApp) platform of blockchain environments such as Ethereum, smart contracts can be implemented to monitor the flight path of UAVs and record non-compliances that might occur during their operations.
Date of AwardMay 2022
Original languageAmerican English


  • UAVs
  • Blockchain
  • Taxi UAV
  • Cyber security
  • UAV Management
  • Oracles.

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