An exploratory study of the potential challenges in implementing an integrated security system across all UAE airports

  • Dalal Ibrahim Al Raeesi

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The study on ‘An Exploratory Study of the Potential Challenges in Implementing an Integrated Security System across all UAE Airports' identified its research aim and objectives which is focused to UAE airports' security system and its challenges. The literature review of the study explained the political structure of UAE, role of political structure to hinder UAE airport security. Aviation sector activities, agencies' involvement to provide security service, key measures to exercise security have been discussed. This chapter also discussed about the integrated security system of UAE airports which includes monitoring solutions, tracking & detection solutions and mobility solutions. In the ‘Research methodology' chapter, explorative research method, inductive research approach and case study research strategy have been adopted. Primary data type was obtained through interview method. In sampling plan, probability sampling had been chosen and two positions of the airport had been selected for this study. These positions are ‘Security Assurance Manager' and ‘Airport IT Systems Project Manager' and 10 officials had been chosen as sample size. Qualitative content analysis was followed in data analysis procedure where various themes have been emerged from the questionnaire. Data analysis chapter explained its conclusions, recommendations and future scope of the study. The conclusion section has provided five themes of the study which are Current Security System and Challenges; Detection and Screening Procedures; Need for Integrated Security System; Integrated Security System Elements & Implementation; Implementation, Challenges and Recommendation. Recommendation and further research emphasized on the proposed area of organizations which emerged from problem or challenges.
Date of Award2015
Original languageAmerican English
SupervisorMuhamad Olimat (Supervisor)


  • UAE airport
  • Airport Security system
  • Screening
  • Integrated Security Management System

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