A Study on the Effect of Natural Ventilation in Energy Reduction for Government Villa Prototypes in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi

  • Fatima S. Alblooshi

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The UAE has dramatically increased its energy consumption in both residential and commercial buildings. Based on the data obtained from Sheikh Zayed Housing Program and housing statistics provided by Abu Dhabi Municipality [12], buildings have utilized 50% of the primary energy in Abu Dhabi [13]. The CO2 emission distribution is about 13.8% for residential buildings in Abu Dhabi. Thus, residential buildings play a key role in energy consumption and CO2 emission in the UAE. Electricity is used in residential buildings such as villas through HVAC systems, which is the most significant because it requires more than 65% of the total electricity consumption to meet the cooling ventilation loads and requirements. Therefore, this study proposes a simulation model for one villa from the Shiebat Al Watah project in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain that fulfilled the residential Estidama codes. The study focused on natural ventilation in building design for villas in Abu Dhabi. The current percentage of natural ventilation in the residential sector is 1.5% from total energy use. The research was carried out to test the simulated model and improve the current design by increasing the natural ventilation to decrease energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The analysis data tested through HEED and DesignBuilder software. Thus, the improved energy outputs through the different orientations, WWR%, and types and sizes of the shading device. The results showed the DesignBuilder software gave more reasonable results than HEED software. The most effective element is the shading device by using louver types in all facades, which can reduce energy consumption of the residential buildings by 19.1% in Abu Dhabi and 17.5% in Al Ain city. There is no big difference in terms of energy reduction percentages between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, which is not exceeding 1.5%.
Date of AwardMay 2014
Original languageAmerican English
SupervisorToufic Mezher (Supervisor)


  • Natural ventilation; Buildings; Environmental Engineering; Energy Reduction; Al Ain; Abu Dhabi.

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