Ultra-light decoder for turbo product codes

A. Al-Dweik, H. Mukhtar, E. Alsusa, J. Dias

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This letter presents a novel low-complexity decoder for turbo product codes (TPCs). The new decoder, denoted as ultra-light decoder (ULD), can perform soft-decision decoding without an algebraic hard decision decoder, which is the core of conventional soft-decision decoders of block codes. Moreover, the unique structure of the ULD enables the design of a new approach to compute the minimum Euclidean distance at each decoding iteration. Therefore, the ULD offers significant complexity and delay reduction as compared with the conventional TPC decoders. Reducing the complexity and delay will enable using codes with high code rates to improve the system spectral efficiency or use powerful codes with low code rates to reduce the transmission power. The system bit-error rate is presented for binary and M -ary modulation schemes over additive white Gaussian noise channels, and the coding gain is given for Rayleigh fading channels. The obtained numerical results show that the ULD offers coding gain that is comparable to the conventional TPC decoders under various system and channel conditions but with significantly lower complexity.

Original languageBritish English
Pages (from-to)446-449
Number of pages4
JournalIEEE Communications Letters
Issue number3
StatePublished - Mar 2018


  • 5G
  • complexity reduction
  • error control coding
  • error correction
  • iterative decoding
  • product codes
  • soft decision decoding
  • turbo codes


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