Three-Dimensional Microstructured Lattices for Oil Sensing

Aydin Sabouri, Ali K. Yetisen, Rashad Sadigzade, Hany Hassanin, Khamis Essa, Haider Butt

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Monitoring of environmental contamination, including oil pollution, is important to protect marine ecosystems. A wide range of sensors are used in the petroleum industry to measure various parameters, such as viscosity, pressure, and flow. Here, we create an optical lattice mesh structure that can be used as an oil sensor integrated with optical fiber probing. The principle of operation of the sensor was based on light scattering, where the tested medium acted as a diffuser. Three different mesh-patterned structures were analyzed by optical imaging, light transmission, and scattering in the presence of supercut, diesel, and stroke oil types. The meshes were used as a medium for different types of oils, and the optical diffusion and transmission were studied in the visible spectrum. Angle-resolved measurements were carried out to characterize the light scattering behavior from the mesh structures. Different types of oils were identified on the basis of the optical behavior of the lattice structure. The fabricated mesh structures can be used as a low-cost measurement device in oil sensing.

Original languageBritish English
Pages (from-to)2524-2529
Number of pages6
JournalEnergy and Fuels
Issue number3
StatePublished - 16 Mar 2017


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