The mechanical behaviour of spherical egg-box sandwich structures

A. K. Haldar, W. J. Cantwell, G. Langdon, Q. Y. Wang, Z. W. Guan

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This paper presents a study on the mechanical properties of spherical egg-box core sandwich panels subjected to compression. Initial attention focuses on the effect that constraining the core, via the introduction of skins, and increasing the thickness of the cell walls has on the compressive properties of GFRP and CFRP structures. Tests were also undertaken on foam-filled samples in order to investigate the influence of additional support on the crushing behaviour of the cores. Low velocity impact tests were subsequently undertaken in order to investigate the rate-sensitivity of these core structures. Finally, blast tests were conducted on the core materials to investigate their response at high strain rates. It has been shown that constraining the lateral movement of the cores, by bonding composite skins to the upper and lower surfaces, serves to enhance the mechanical properties of the core in compression. In addition, quasi-static compression testing has shown that the compressive strength of the core increases rapidly with increasing cell wall thickness, with effects being more pronounced in the GFRP structures. Tests on foam-filled panels have shown that adding a low density filler to the core serves to enhance the energy-absorbing properties of the GFRP systems. Subsequent tests at dynamic rates of loading have shown that the values of energy absorption were slightly higher than those measured at quasi-static rates, due to rate effects in the failure processes within the composite material. Finally, it has been shown that when subjected to blast loading, extensive crushing of the spherical egg-box was observed, indicating that these structures are capable of absorbing significant energy under this extreme loading condition.

Original languageBritish English
Article number105954
JournalPolymer Testing
StatePublished - Sep 2019


  • Carbon fibre
  • Glass fibre
  • Impact load
  • Quasi-static load


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