The cascading dynamics of informal institutions: organizational processes and governance implications

Andrew F. Cooper, Emel Parlar Dal, Brendon Cannon

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    This special issue aims to offer empirical, qualitative and comparative insights into the waves of informality sweeping the globe and to decipher the nature and consequence of the proliferating dynamics of informal organizations. From a policy perspective, the special issue is motivated to delve into the operationalization of practices and outcomes of informal organizations. In particular, the articles encompassing this special issue focus on three sets of issues that together compose the main analytical framework of this project: (1) Proposing an innovative analytical framework for the study of informal organizations by putting the cascading effect at the core of its narrative; (2) Offering comparative insights into the contesting and converging components in the wave of informal organizations and their effects on global governance; and (3) Enabling projections on how informal organizations interact and rub up against each other both cooperatively and in a contested fashion.

    Original languageBritish English
    JournalInternational Politics
    StateAccepted/In press - 2022


    • Cascading effects
    • Informal governance
    • Informal institutionalization
    • Informal international organizations
    • Informal networking
    • Informality
    • IOs


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