Temporary homes in disaster hit areas

Taylor Wimberly, Salman Azhar, Malik Khalfan, Irfaii Ulliaq, Tayyab Maqsood

    Research output: Contribution to journalConference articlepeer-review


    Temporary housing plays a critical role in post disaster recovery efforts but due to their unsustainability, cultural inadequacies, and being expensive they are not seen as a suitable resolution Thus, due to the need of an integrated and more responsive strategy has becomes evident to better utilize the recovery and relief resources. The ami of this research is to explore use of the temporary housing in the post-disaster situations by addressing both physical and psycho-social safety/health issues and potential solutions to improve implementation of temporary housing. Furthermore, this research determines the, re-use and recycle, potential of temporary housing units after occupancy in post-recovery areas. This research also tries to identify how deconstruction is utilized and the benefits in post-disaster situations and determine the role and effectiveness of community participation during the post-disaster recovery situations. In the first part, this paper mtroduces the topic, then delivers the state of the art literature survey. Paper also justifies the chosen methodology followed by discussion and conclusion.

    Original languageBritish English
    JournalInternational Conference on Construction in the 21st Century
    StatePublished - 2019
    Event11th International Conference on Construction in the 21st Century, CITC 2019 - London, United Kingdom
    Duration: 9 Sep 201911 Sep 2019


    • Post disaster situation. issues and criticism of temporary housing
    • Temporary homes


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