Synthesis and the Assessment of Adaptation Measures

Clare M. Goodess, Maureen D. Agnew, Debbie Hemming, Christos Giannakopoulos, Marco Bindi, Camilla Dibari, Hesham El-Askary, Mutasem El-Fadel, Mamdouh El-Hattab, Mohamed El-Raey, Roberto Ferrise, José M. Grünzweig, Ali Harzallah, Dina Kanas, Piero Lionello, César Mösso Aranda, Theib Oweis, Joan Pau Sierra, Marco Reale, Agustín Sánchez-ArcillaMohamed Senouci, Rolf Sommer, Annalisa Tanzarella

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    The final stage of the CIRCE case-studies integrated assessment involved identification and evaluation of the effectiveness of local and regional adaptation options in collaboration with stakeholders, and in the context of wider national adaptation policies and strategies. This stage provides a synthesis of both the case-study work and the wider CIRCE project since it draws on the case-study indicators for present and future periods together with wider CIRCE work on adaptation options, particularly in the thematic areas of agriculture, forestry and ecosystems, and Mediterranean communities. This synthesis and evaluation links impacts and vulnerability with adaptation, and also benefits strongly from the local stakeholder workshops held towards the end of the project. Lessons learnt and key messages from the CIRCE case studies are presented. While the objectives of the CIRCE case studies have generally been achieved, a number of research gaps and needs remain.

    Original languageBritish English
    Title of host publicationAdvances in Global Change Research
    Number of pages39
    StatePublished - 2013

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    NameAdvances in Global Change Research
    ISSN (Print)1574-0919
    ISSN (Electronic)2215-1621


    • Adaptation
    • Climate change
    • Integrated assessment
    • Mediterranean
    • Policy


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