Smart homes: technologies, applications and challenges

Mahmoud A. Al-Qutayri, Jeedella S. Jeedella

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Smart homes are intelligent environments that interact with their occupants in ways that improve their lives. This paper presents the ubiquitous pervasive technologies that will need to be integrated to realise the future vision of smart homes that have the intelligence to anticipate, predict and take decisions in a virtually autonomous manner. It also presents some of the major application areas that will benefit from the realisation of smart homes. It then discusses some of the challenges that need to be overcome in order for smart homes to become a reality and find acceptance from people across all sectors of the society.

Original languageBritish English
Pages (from-to)125-144
Number of pages20
JournalInternational Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology
Issue number2-3
StatePublished - 2010


  • applications
  • challenges
  • context-aware
  • sensors
  • smart homes
  • technologies
  • ubiquitous
  • wireless communication


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