Service chain management: Technology innovation for the service business

Christos Voudouris, Gilbert Owusu, Raphaël Dorne, David Lesaint, C. Voudouris, P. D. O'Brien, G. Owusu, G. Owusu, G. Anim-Ansah, M. Kern, J. Malpass, M. Shah, M. Kern, G. Owusu, A. Conway, T. Gilfedder, K. Poon, R. Dorne, Y. Li, J. MeissnerA. Strauss, R. Dorne, A. Liret, R. Dorne, A. McCormick, D. Lesaint, C. Voudouris, B. Jennings, A. Finkelstein, D. Lesaint, G. Papamargaritis, D. Nauck, D. Ruta, M. Spott, B. Azvine, P. Chhabra, S. Karamongikar, C. Voudouris, M. Shah, P. Stubbings, F. Oliveira, R. Rana, B. Virginas, E. P.K. Tsang, B. Virginas, T. Gosling, W. Liu, P. Cleaver

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Service chain management enables service organisations to improve customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs through intelligent and optimised forecasting, planning and scheduling of the service chain, and its associated resources such as people, networks and other assets. The area is quite broad, covering field force and workforce automation, network and asset planning and also aspects of customer relationship management, human resources systems and enterprise resource planning. Furthermore, it addresses the key challenge of how all these technologies and systems are integrated into a cohesive blueprint. In this book, Christos Voudouris and his group together with experts from industry and academia present the latest innovations and technologies used to manage the operations of a service company. The viewpoints presented are, based on the BT experience and on associated research and development in collaborating universities and partner companies. The focus is on real-world challenges and how technologies can be used to overcome practical problems in a "don't just survive, thrive!" approach. The unique combination of technologies, experiences and systems, looked at from the different perspectives of service providers and users and combined with advice on successful benefit realisation and agile delivery of solutions, makes this an indispensable read for managers and system architects in the service industry.

Original languageBritish English
Number of pages308
StatePublished - 2008


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