Revolutionising Heat Treatment: Novel Strategies for Augmented Performance and Sustainability: E3S Web of Conferences

K. Kumar, S. Dixit, M.Z. Ul Haq, V.K. Maksudovna, N.I. Vatin, M. Rekha, V.K. Awaar, A. Singla, S. Jhade, Swadesh Kumar S. (Editor)

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    This research investigates a paradigm shift in heat treatment practises that is characterised by transformational changes. Despite their widespread use, traditional technologies are often linked to issues such as energy inefficiency, pollution, and material waste. In order to tackle these aforementioned issues, this study explores novel methodologies like high-pressure gas quenching, laser-assisted heat treatment, additive manufacturing for customised microstructures, and ultra-fast induction heating. These methodologies provide not only enhanced material functionality but also environmentally friendly outcomes by means of energy conservation and waste minimization. This study highlights the crucial significance of these breakthroughs in defining a future where improved material qualities align with environmentally responsible practises. It does this by examining their advantages, environmental consequences, and problems in implementation. The use of heat treatment techniques has been shown to significantly boost the performance of materials. This academic study aims to explore the sustainability aspects of heat treatment methods, particularly in comparison to conventional approaches. The focus will be on evaluating the energy efficiency and reduction of material waste associated with a specific heat treatment technique known as high-pressure gas quenching. © 2023 EDP Sciences. All rights reserved.
    Original languageBritish English
    StatePublished - 2023


    • energy efficiency
    • Heat treatment, enhanced performance
    • high-pressure gas quenching
    • material waste
    • sustainability
    • traditional methods


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