Reservoir rock behavior pre and post pore collapse during production

Hadi Belhaj, Alireza Nouri

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    It is very common that effective stresses increase as reservoir fluids being produced from both shallow and deep reservoirs. It may seem reasonable to assume that permeability and porosity decrease as pore pressure declines, since effective volumetrical stresses become intensified during reservoir depletion. However, laboratory results show that this is not always the case. A series of very delicate experimental procedures was conducted to reveal some of the most interesting phenomena in pore collapse and their impact on permeability. Sandstone samples were tested using a triaxial set-up. Experimental results show that porosity is certainly decreases as a result of the compaction process, which allows the breakage of grain-to-grain cement bonds. Grain particles will become more compacted as both lateral and axial effective stresses increase. On the other hand, permeability shows no definite trend. In weak reservoir formation, pore collapse does not occur suddenly. Rather, rocks gradually compact as grain-to-grain cement bonds break down. It was found that permeability indeed changes as effective stresses increase. Nevertheless, the pathway to permeability was found to be much more complex than previously stipulated. It was discovered that enhancement or damage to permeability is not a function of pore collapse alone. Other factors, such as stress path, initial porosity, particle size, and particle shape and distribution play a major role in determining the type of permeability alteration and the severity of this change.

    Original languageBritish English
    Title of host publicationInternational Petroleum Technology Conference 2007, IPTC 2007
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    StatePublished - 2007
    EventInternational Petroleum Technology Conference 2007, IPTC 2007 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Duration: 4 Dec 20076 Dec 2007

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    NameInternational Petroleum Technology Conference 2007, IPTC 2007


    ConferenceInternational Petroleum Technology Conference 2007, IPTC 2007
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