Radiation tolerance of CVD diamond detectors for pions and protons

W. Adam, E. Berdermann, P. Bergonzo, G. Bertuccio, F. Bogani, E. Borchi, A. Brambilla, M. Bruzzi, C. Colledani, J. Conway, P. D'Angelo, W. Dabrowski, P. Delpierre, A. Deneuville, W. Dulinski, B. Van Eijk, A. Fallou, Fizzotti., F. Foulon, M. FriedlK. K. Gan, E. Gheeraert, G. Hallewell, S. Han, F. Hartjes, J. Hrubec, D. Husson, H. Kagan, D. Kania, J. Kaplon, R. Kass, T. Koeth, M. Krammer, A. Logiudice, R. Lu, L. Mac Lynne, C. Manfredotti, D. Meier, M. Mishina, L. Moroni, J. Noomen, A. Oh, L. S. Pan, M. Pernicka, A. Peitz, L. Perera, S. Pirollo, M. Procario, J. L. Riester, S. Roe, L. Rousseau, A. Rudge, J. Russ, S. Sala, M. Sampietro, S. Schnetzer, S. Sciortino, H. Stelzer, R. Stone, B. Suter, R. J. Tapper, R. Tesarek, W. Trischuk, D. Tromson, E. Vittone, A. M. Walsh, R. Wedenig, P. Weilhammer, M. Wetstein, C. White, W. Zeuner, M. Zoeller

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    The paper gives new results on the radiation tolerance of CVD diamond for irradiation with 300MeV/c pions and 24GeV/c protons. The measured charge signal spectrum is compared at several irradiation levels with the spectrum calculated by a model. Irradiation by particles causes damage leading to a decrease of the charge signal. However, both the measurements and the outcome from the model show that for tracker applications this drawback is at least partly counterbalanced by a narrowing of the distribution curve of the charge signal. As a result, the efficiency of a CVD diamond tracker is less affected by irradiation than the mean charge signal.

    Original languageBritish English
    Pages (from-to)686-693
    Number of pages8
    JournalNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment
    Issue number3
    StatePublished - 11 Jan 2002
    EventProceedings of the 3rd. International Conference on Radiation Effects on Semiconductor (RESMDD-2000-F2K) - Firenze, Italy
    Duration: 28 Jun 200030 Jun 2000


    • Charge signal distribution
    • Diamond
    • Radiation damage


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