Privacy Management in Social Internet of Vehicles: Review, Challenges and Blockchain Based Solutions

Talal Ashraf Butt, Razi Iqbal, Khaled Salah, Moayad Aloqaily, Yaser Jararweh

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The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm has integrated the sensor network silos to the Internet and enabled the provision of value-added services across these networks. These smart devices are now becoming socially conscious by following the social Internet of Things (SIoT) model that empowers them to create and maintain social relationships among them. The Social Internet of Vehicle (SIoV) is one application of SIoT in the vehicular domain that has evolved the existing intelligent transport system (ITS) and vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs) to the next phase of Intelligent by adding socializing aspect and constant connectivity. SIoV generates a massive amount of real-time data enriched with context and social relationship information about vehicles, drivers, passengers, and the surrounding environment. Therefore, the role of privacy management becomes essential in SIoV, as data is collected and stored at different layers of its architecture. The challenge of privacy is aggravated because the dynamic nature of SIoV poses a major threat in its adoption. Motivated by the need to address these aspects, this paper identifies the challenges involved in managing privacy in SIoV. Furthermore, the paper analyzes the privacy issues and factors that are essential to be considered for preserving privacy in SIoV environments from different perspectives including the privacy of a person, behavior and action, communication, data and image, thoughts and feelings, location and space, and association. In addition, the paper discusses the blockchain-based solutions to preserve privacy for SIoV.

Original languageBritish English
Article number8735700
Pages (from-to)79694-79713
Number of pages20
JournalIEEE Access
StatePublished - 2019


  • blockchain
  • Internet of things
  • Internet of Vehicles
  • Privacy management
  • social Internet of things
  • social Internet of Vehicles


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