Preliminary phytochemical and antioxidant studies of leaf extracts of one medicinal plant, vitex negundo

N. Vijayalakshmi, Mudiganti Ram Krishna Rao

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    The present report deals with the phytochemical and antioxidant activities of various extracts of the leaves of one medicinal plant of importance, Arkaraga (Vitex negundo). In Ayurveda Vitex negundo is known as Nirgundi, meaning “protects the body from all diseases”. The water, ethanol, methanol and hexane extracts of leaves were subjected to phytochemical analysis. Flavonoids and cardiac glycosides were present in all the extracts whereas amino acids and proteins were absent in all of them. Alkaloids and triple sugars were present in methanol and hexane fractions whereas triterpenoids were present in all but water extract. Saponins and Tanins were observed in ethanol, methanol and water extracts and Anthraquinones were observed in ethanol and water extracts. Steroids were present in methanol and hexane fractions and absent in ethanol and water fractions. The DPPH antioxidant assay of water extracts indicated moderate activity with IC50 value of 111.16 as compared to Ascorbic acid, which were 348.275. The FRAP antioxidant assay four all the four extracts indicated that the water extract showed better activity compared to standards, Ascorbic acid and Quercetin (70.563, 85.162, 79. 647, respectively). The ethanol and methanol extract also showed promising antioxidant activities which were nearer to the values of the standards (80.67 and 84.57). It is concluded that this plant has promising antioxidant potential which could be attributed to as one of its roles as medicine.

    Original languageBritish English
    Pages (from-to)2167-2173
    Number of pages7
    JournalResearch Journal of Pharmacy and Technology
    Issue number5
    StatePublished - 2020


    • Alkaloids
    • Arkaraga
    • Ascorbic acid
    • DPPH
    • FRAP
    • Nirgundi
    • Quercetin
    • Vitex negundo


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