Planar analog memimpedance behavior in reduced GO-Based Metal-Semiconductor-Metal

Heba Abunahla, Baker Mohammad, Yawar Abbas, Anas Alazzam

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Tunable electronics are of great potential for intelligent, adaptable systems. Memristors and memcapacitors have been extensively investigated recently as low power, high density, and high-speed elements to provide tunable-state needed by many emerging applications. Examples of such systems are tunable filters, tunable antennas, multi-level memory, and computing components. This work reports on a novel tunable analog memimpedance device. For the first time, it is proved that analog change in both resistance and capacitance can be achieved simultaneously in the same metal–semiconductor-metal structure. The novel planar geometry device consists of silver-reduced graphene oxide-silver. The multistate memimpedance behavior is observed and investigated for different oxide widths and the results confirmed the scaling of the device capacitance accordingly. Detailed study based on experimental findings shows that the capacitance of the novel system presented in this work follows n-type MOS capacitance behavior. The device is fabricated on a flexible substrate which extends its value to be deployable in smart wearable devices, in addition to its compatibility with CMOS Technology.

Original languageBritish English
Article number110077
JournalMaterials and Design
StatePublished - 15 Nov 2021


  • Capacitance
  • Flakes
  • GO
  • Memimpedance
  • Reduction
  • Switching


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