Pharmacognostical sources of popular medicine to treat Alzheimer’s disease

Huba Kalász, Shreesh Ojha, Kornélia Tekes, Éva Szőke, Rajesh Mohanraj, Mohamed Fahim, Ernest Adeghate, Abdu Adem

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Background: A large number of classical and recently discovered plants are indicated in preventing and/or treating Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Objective: Name of plants with their anti-AD effects are important for their further use and investigation. Method: A short overview of AD is given; anti-Alzheimer plants are given in a Table. Results: Various medicinal plants are listed here as sources of popular medicines to be used in cases when patients are afraid of developing and/or suffer from AD. Some of these plants have been used for centuries. The major sources in the literature, over one hundred of references are given for plants that show beneficial effect on the progress of AD. Conclusion: Plant extracts are widely used addition to the synthetic drugs approved by various administrative authorities to stop/slow down the progress of symptoms of AD.

Original languageBritish English
Pages (from-to)23-35
Number of pages13
JournalOpen Medicinal Chemistry Journal
StatePublished - 16 Feb 2018


  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Amyloid fibers
  • Anti-AD effect
  • Etiopathogenesis
  • Galantamine
  • Medicinal plants


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