Perturbed bifurcations in the BCS gap equation

P. N. Spathis, M. P. Soerensen, N. Lazarides

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    The anisotropic BCS gap equation is applied to a tight-binding model of layered high-temperature superconductors. The possible solutions have s-, d-, and mixed s- and d-wave symmetries using nearest-neighbor intralayer singlet pairing interaction of the same strength in the x and y directions. The transitions from d- or s- to mixed s- and d-wave solutions result from pitchfork bifurcations. In the case of slightly different pairing strength in the x and y directions, perturbed pitchfork bifurcations emerge, leading to a dramatic change in the physical properties of the superconducting state.

    Original languageBritish English
    Pages (from-to)7360-7367
    Number of pages8
    JournalPhysical Review B
    Issue number13
    StatePublished - 1992


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