Optimum synthesis of a BOA optimized novel dual-stage PI - (1 +ID) controller for frequency response of a microgrid

Abdul Latif, S. M.Suhail Hussain, Dulal Chandra Das, Taha Selim Ustun

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    A renewable and distributed generation (DG)-enabled modern electrified power network with/without energy storage (ES) helps the progress of microgrid development. Frequency regulation is a significant scheme to improve the dynamic response quality of the microgrid under unknown disturbances. This paper established a maiden load frequency regulation of a wind-driven generator (WG), solar tower (ST), bio-diesel power generator (BDPG) and thermostatically controllable load (heat pump and refrigerator)-based, isolated, single-area microgrid system. Hence, intelligent control strategies are important for this issue. A newly developed butterfly algorithmic technique (BOA) is leveraged to tune the controllers' parameters. However, to attain a proper balance between net power generation and load power, a dual stage proportional-integral- one plus integral-derivative PI - (1 + ID) controller is developed. Comparative system responses (in MATLAB/SIMULINK software) for different scenarios under several controllers, such as a proportional-integral (PI), proportional-integral-derivative (PID) and PI - (1 + ID) controller tuned by particle swarm optimization (PSO), grasshopper algorithmic technique (GOA) and BOA, show the superiority of BOA in terms of minimizing the peak deviations and better frequency regulation of the system. Real recorded wind data are considered to authenticate the control approach.

    Original languageBritish English
    Article number3446
    Issue number13
    StatePublished - Jul 2020


    • Biodiesel power generator (BDPG)
    • Butterfly optimization technique (BOA)
    • Frequency regulation
    • Isolated hybrid microgrid system (IHμGS)
    • Microgrid energy management
    • Solar tower (ST)


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