Multi-Objective Trajectory Optimisation Algorithms for Avionics and ATM Systems

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Innovative air traffic management and avionics technologies are expected to deliver most of the operational performance enhancements over the next few years and are therefore at the core of major aviation modernisation initiatives, including the Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research in Europe and the Next Generation Air Transportation System in the United States. To account for multiple performance criteria and constraints, the online 4-dimensional trajectories (4DT) planning process exploits a custom multi-objective trajectory optimisation (MOTO) algorithm based on optimal control and on commonly adopted aircraft models. This chapter presents the concept of operations and the top-level 4DT planning, negotiation and validation (4-PNV) working processes, and describes the 4DT planning process based on a custom MOTO algorithm, with particular focus on mathematical formulation, solution technique, model set, weather data, articulation of preferences, and operational realisation. It also presents the simulation-based 4-PNV verification activities performed and a discussion of key results.

Original languageBritish English
Title of host publicationSustainable Aviation Technology and Operations
Subtitle of host publicationResearch and Innovation Perspectives
Number of pages24
ISBN (Electronic)9781118932599
ISBN (Print)9781118932582
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2023


  • 4-PNV verification activities
  • 4DT planning process
  • air traffic management
  • MOTO algorithm
  • Next Generation Air Transportation System


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