Modified horizontal well productivity model for a tight gas reservoir subjected to non-uniform damage and turbulence

Samuel osisanya, Ajayi Temitope Ayokunle, Bisweswar Ghosh, Abhijith Suboyin

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    Tight gas reservoirs are finding greater interest with the advancement of technology and realistic prediction of flow rate and pressure from such wells are critical in project economics. This paper presents a modified productivity equation for tight gas horizontal wells by modifying the mechanical skin factor to account for non-uniform formation damage along with the incorporation of turbulence effect in the near-wellbore region. Hawkin’s formula for calculating skin factor considers the radius of damage as a constant value, which is less accurate in low-permeability tight gas reservoirs. This paper uses a multi-segment horizontal well approach to develop the local skin factors and the equivalent skin factor by equating the total production from the entire horizontal well to the sum of the flow from individual segmented damaged zones along the well length. Conical and horn-shaped damaged profiles are used to develop the equivalent skin used in the horizontal well productivity equation. The productivity model is applied to a case study involving the development of a tight gas field with horizontal wells. The influence of the horizontal well length, damaged zone permeability, drainage area, reservoir thickness, and wellbore diameter on the calculated equivalent skin (of a non-uniform skin distribution) and the flow rate (with turbulence and no turbulence) are investigated. The results obtained from this investigation show significant potential to assist in making practical decisions on the favorable parameters for the success of the field development in terms of equivalent skin factor, flow rate, and inflow performance relationships (IPR).

    Original languageBritish English
    Article number8334
    Issue number24
    StatePublished - 1 Dec 2021


    • Horizontal well
    • Non-uniform damage
    • Productivity model
    • Skin
    • Tight gas reservoir


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