Mixing of reactants in Claus process under non-reactive conditions

H. Selim, A. K. Gupta, Mohamed Sassi

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The reactant mixing in Claus process is examined under non-reactive conditions in cross flow geometry. The different cases examined had constant momentum flux ratio between the non-reactive and reactive cases. The flow pattern as well as the mixing length has been investigated for the various configurations examined here. At high main stream velocity the momentum flux ratio provides significant impact on the subsequent flow pattern distribution. However, at the same momentum flux ratio the flow patterns obtained were almost similar at different main stream velocities. The mixing length showed a more complex behavior with the change of momentum flux ratio. In general, increase in momentum flux ratio showed a decrease in the mixing length. However, at moderate momentum flux ratios the mixing length showed an increase with the increase in momentum flux ratio.

Original languageBritish English
Title of host publication7th International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference
StatePublished - 2009

Publication series

Name7th International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference


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